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 Server rules!

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Server rules! Empty
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PLEASE READ L][Terror RULES FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! Every player who hasn't read our rules will NOT be taken seriously in case of a problem!

1. Staff Members

1.1. Disrespectful attitude towards any of the Staff Members is forbidden;
Punishment: Severe - permanent account ban. If the account was made specifically for this purpose, then the user's computer will also be banned.

1.2. You must stop any hostile actions against other players when a GM appears near you, especially if your hostility is aimed at the person(s) who called the GM;
Punishment: Slight - varies according to level of abuse

1.3. It is forbidden to lie to Staff Members;
Punishment: Severe - ranging from a few days to permanent jail

Staff members include all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs).
These rules apply anywhere, including in-game, on the forums and in e-mails sent to us.

2. 3rd party software and account sharing

2.1. The following programs are forbidden:
2.1.1. any 3rd party software used to increase the speed of the application;
2.1.2. any 3rd party software (also known as bots and clickers) used for automation of anything in the game, such as killing monsters, collecting drops, auto-targeting monsters, healing, buffing etc;
Punishment: Severe - character's Deletion

2.2. Using someone else's account, even with permission is forbidden;
Punishment: Slight - high probability of no gm assistance for anyone currently using the account. This includes cases of item theft and password issues, but does NOT include refusing to apply punishments to anyone who has come in contact with the current user of the account.

The owner of an account is the owner of its respective mail address. If you have lost your e-mail adress, you will be asked for your Social Security Number (SSN) or the security questions (not answers) entered when the account was made. Please take care of your account.

3. Bugs and exploits

3.1. It is forbidden to use exploits;
Punishment: Medium - account ban ranging from 7 days to permanent.

3.2. If you find a bug you must contact us with as much information as possible, either on the designated forum, by e-mail, or by private message on the forums;

Benefit: slightly increased probability of lowering ban duration in case you break the rules, and increased probability of gm assistance in cases where there is none.

3.3. If you find an exploit you must immediately contact us with as much information as possible, either by e-mail, by private message on IRC or by private message on the forum;

Benefit: moderately increased probability of lowering ban duration in case you break the rules, and increased probability of gm assistance in cases where there is none.

Note that benefits only apply to the GM to whom you have reported the bug/exploit, and can vary or be nullified depending on the situation.
3.4. It is forbidden to publicly speak about an exploit in any type of chat (normal, party, clan, PM etc);
Punishment: Medium - ban ranging from 1 week to permanent ban in extreme cases

Bug - application error which might prevent some feature to function or make it function in a way it was not intended.
Exploit - a bug that can be used and/or abused to gain an advantage and/or change the intended gameplay, such as blocked monsters, item duplication etc.

4. Chatting and names

4.1. It is forbidden to insult other players' nation, race and religion;
Punishment: Depends on GameMaster's judgement. (Chat ban or Jail for one day)

4.2. It is forbidden to use any of the following words in character names, in any form of spelling: GM, Admin, Announcement and the names of the current and previous Staff Members;
Punishment: Severe - permanent account ban.

4.3. It is forbidden to beg for adena or items;
Punishment: Slight - chat ban for various durations.

4.4 Every language is allowed in every chat.

4.5 Flood and spam in Hero chat is not allowed. Keep it to an acceptable level;
Punishment: Slight - chat ban for various durations.

5. Trading

5.1. It is forbidden to start a shop near Gatekeepers. It is also forbidden to block more frequently used pathways to said Gatekeepers and Warehouse Managers;
Punishment: Slight - shop jail from 1 to 3 days

5.1. It is forbidden to ask a GM to interfere when you have been tricked by someone else INGAME, or being uderdog by scam shop or scam trade (it is called as "scamming");
Punishment: we wont deal with your problem, so be extremely WARE of your trades with the other players. It is your responsibility to focus on the game and be aware of what you buy. Being a robot is not an excuse.

5.2. It is forbidden to make any transactions with real money;
Punishment: char and item deletion

5.3. It is forbidden to give away or sell your account, even for adena;
Punishment: char and item deletion

5.4 It is forbidden to forcefully enter someone's account and steal their items, whether or not that person has given you its account willingly.
Punishment: Severe - ranging from permanent ban on all your accounts, to computer ban in extreme cases. Some cases include all your items being returned to the victim.

6. Griefing

6.1. It is forbidden to PK in low level areas with a high level character (players over 40 level are excluded of this rule), also PKing in starter villages is not allowed;
Punishment: 1 day jail

6.2. PK in other situations is allowed

6.3. KS is allowed

PK - Player Killing, killing other player's characters.
KS - Kill Stealing, stealing the drop from a monster someone else killed, when you are not in the same party.

7. Events

7.1. It is forbidden to enter an event zone (usually an arena) unless the event organizer invites you;
Punishment: ranging from kick to 1 week ban and possible restriction to ever participating at any other event.

7.2. Any unwanted intervention during an event is forbidden;
Punishment: ranging from kick to 1 week ban and possible restriction to ever participating at any other event

Reading and being aware of our server's rules is a very smart option. Now you know what is forbidden, and that makes you a wise player of H2O Community. Please urge EVERY player to read these Rules. Our community needs wise, experienced, smart and grown up players, all the so called "10 y/o kids" or people taking "10 y/o" actions will be kicked immediately from our community.

We (GMs and admins) reserve the right to bend these rules depending on the current situation. You are expected to show common sense above all - this is what all these rules are about. Abuse our system and you will find much harsher penalties than the ones seen here.
In case you are banned, you are allowed ONE mail in which you can explain your situation and/or excuse yourself. Contact a GM to find out which of the GMs has banned you, then mail the one that has banned you once (and only once) with your explanation or apology. If the ban was given out wrongly or unjustly, we will apologise and you will gain the benefits outlined in section 3. In case the ban was correctly given, there is a small chance your duration will be lowered (if it is your first mistake) and a very small chance your ban will be lifted, depending on the GM's decision. Sending more than one mail will result in an increase of your punishment, even if the ban was not correctly given.
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Server rules!
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