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 Server's Rate and Other Information

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Server's Rate and Other Information Empty
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L][Terror - Server INFO:

Lineage 2 - Full Freya

Server is based on L2J, very detailed with EVERY feature working! Balanced Gameplay, as much retail-like (with minor changes to make Gameplay easier).

high Rate - Farm/PvP

* Exp x5000
* SP x5000
* Adena x2000
* Drop x3
* Spoil x3 (drop chance)
* Drop Raid Boss x3
* Drop quest x3
* Quest reward x3

* MP Regeneration x1
* buff duration 2Hours
* dances/songs 24

* Enchant Safe +10
* Enchant Max +30
* Enchant Rate 70%
* Enchant Blessed Rate 95%

Custom Gatekeper
Custom GMshop

Other useful INFO:

* Dual Client is Allowed
* Server is NOT hackable. Anti-Hacker Protection, Data being backed up every 15 Minutes. Soon Anti-Walker Patch as well (Come on, its x5000..don't even think about it Razz)
* Fun GM-Events, with balanced awards
* No need to drop spellbooks to learn skills. You just have to click on the skill you want to learn, inside your character's guild.
* Spawn Protection for 9 Seconds
* Very friendly GMTeam. Plus, their GM panel has just a Teleport and a Petition board =)
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Server's Rate and Other Information
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